Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pictures with Santa

So ... Pictures with Santa are one of my favorite things about Christmas. My mom took my brother and I to the mall every year to tell Santa our wishes and get our pictures taken. And every Christmas she pulls out this long string of picture of us with Santa and tacks them to the wall. I love looking at them, remembering how much fun it was to get to sit with SANTA!

So of course I want to take my two boys to see santa! Yesterday Jay and I are driving to the store to get the last of our presents. And as we are at the stoplight i see Santa across the street at Target! Im excited! I look at Ian ( my 3 yr old ) and point him out. Now Ian is excited too! Landon ( being only 16 months ) doesnt really care what im saying hes just excited cuz we're excited. I tell Jay..."Ooh babe, lets go see Santa. I NEED a picture of the boys with him!" As he is turning into Walmart. "Ok" He says, let me just run in and then we will go. YES! i think. He goes into the store & takes forever cuz of the lines, by the time he gets out he has to go home and start getting ready for work. Dang It! I tell him im gonna drop him off and go back with the kids. I'll be back before he has to leave. So the boys and I are on our way back to Santa, im telling Ian how cool its going to be to see Santa and get his picture taken. Ian is pumped! We pull in a parking spot and all hop out of the car. Still excited. Get within 5 feet of Santa and Ian froze! Just stopped... hands in pockets, looking at his feet, no mommy u just go, kinda froze. "WHAT!" I say. "But you were so excited. Dont you want to go tell santa about the train you want for Christmas?" "No" he says " I dont want it." What? You dont want it? Im thinking. Come on Santa isnt that bad. I meant this Santa looks pretty darn nice! And ive definately seen creepier! Santa ask me Ians name, i tell him. He pulls out a candy cane. "Hello Ian" Santa says "Ive got a candy cane for you, what is it that you want for Christmas?" "Come on Ian lets go tell Santa about that train... hes got a candy for you." Then i think. Hey, what about that whole dont take candy from strangers thing. & here i am promoting it. Not good! Ian is most definately not budging so i tell Santa that we will try and come see him tomorrow. "Ok" says Santa "I will look foward to seeing you tomorrow Ian"

So the rest of the night i keep telling Ian how cool Santa is and how we have to tell him about the train that he wants. And wouldnt it be so Awesome to get our pictures taken with him? So by the end of the night Ian is totally excited about seeing Santa again! YES!

The next morning im preping Ian on going to see Santa again. We made a snowflake for Santa. (In hopes of getting Ian close enough to Santa to get a picture) Ian colored it some crazy colors and I wrote his and Landons name on it. So we are ready! Everybody is excited again. We park the car and hop out... Still Excited! Get within 5 feet of Santa and Ian jumps behind me and wont let go of my pockets! " Im Hiding! " He says. Great. All i want is a dang picture, so i can string them all together and hang them on my wall as they grow! Why is this so difficult! Ok... "Ian we have to give Santa his snowflake that we made." "You do it" he says. "But it would be nicer if it were from you." i tiell him. "No, you can do it mommy" ARGH! My mind is yelling as other children hop on Santas lap and take the cutest pictures. "Alright Ian. All i want is you to give Santa the snowflake and we can all take a picture together. Real quick, Ok?" " I will go with you and be in your picture if you will go too?" "Ok," he says "real fast!" ALRIGHT! real fast is ok with me! So we go up to Santa get all nice and snugly. And Landon flips out! He is at that age where if your not mommy or daddy he doesnt want you. He is clutching me like Santa is trying to steal him. Ian looks at brother and with his hand on his chin ( daddy does this ) and just ponders what is going on. The camera man is trying to get my children to smile with his silly red hat. Not working. As i smile on. Just take the picture mr camera man! Landon is getting worse! So he finally snaps it... and is waiting for it to appear. "Lets see how it turned out" he says cheerfully. "Its ok" i say " i know its going to be funny i dont mind i just wanted a picture" "Alrightie, you can pic it up over here"

So i wait for my picture of my little angels and me. And this is what i got....

Landon looks like he fears for his life, and Ian seems to be pondering some major event or picking his nose, i havent quite decided which one yet. Im the only one happy to see Santa.

Oh well, at least i have a good story to tell with my picture.
The fun of children and their many emotions! But i still love my picture of my boys with Santa. Onto the string of memories you go!

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shell said...

Lynnie -

Let you mom add this one to her string of pictures - u look so cute! U can try again next year! Sometime ask Poppo about the characters he took me to see at the mall - I was a lovely smiling child (ie. Rosemary's Baby!). Love You
Aunt Shell