Monday, January 14, 2008

Birthday Cake

So the other day was my "little" brothers bday! 25 already! crazy...somtimes i still think im 25. Sence both of my sons have bdays only a couple days away from mine, my bday has seemed to disaper. Im not complaining, cause i wanted their bdays close to mine. I love palnning their bdays!
But im getting off track... My brothers bday....

My mom & Ian made uncle a cake for his bday. Chocolate brownie, his favorite. After it was finished baking my mom ( gma ) set it on the counter to cool and then frosted it with Ians help.

So....the cake has been cooling for a while now and Ian is dying to have some. We keep telling him to wait a while and he will get some.

Well that didnt work as you can plainly see.
All i did was try and go to the bathroom. When i come out he hops off the couch like a lightning bolt! Of course u know that means he was doing something he wasnt supposed to.
I come over to see what he was up to, to find his face and fingers smeared
with chocolate. He started crying and i started laughing! He says "Mommy i just wanted a bite" Poor lil guy, the temptation was just too much!

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