Friday, March 28, 2008

Im a Kangaroo!!!

Ok...maybe not a real kangaroo, but a kangaroo all the same.
We went to the zoo on Easter and had a wonderful time. The kids ogled at the animals and ran themselves ragged. It was really a wonderful time..until the end that is.
We took the boys into the gift shop to pick a toy and they chose giraffes ( of course their favorites ). After we buy their giraffes we stepped outside to wait for our friends to finish inside. There was a pretty painted lion statue by the exit and i had my husband take a picture of Ian and I. I check the picture to verify that it is indeed a good one and put my camera in the drink tray on the stroller so i can take a picture of my friend and her son with the lion. She peeks her head outside of the gift shop and tells me to come check something out. So i look while Jay and Ian throw out some trash. After we finish checking out the funny pink flamingo slippers she has found i turn to look and see where Jay is ( i still have my hand on the stroller ) so i can start heading his was. I find him in the crowd of people turn to push the stroller in his direction and my camera is GONE!!! Some effin bastard stole my $300 camera at the zoo; in a matter of like 5 seconds! And of course no one saw anything....So now all my pictures are gone and all i have is my kangaroo picture off my friends cell phone. And i had a few other special pictures on there as well... Like when Landon was born, just in case my computer for some strange reason crashed i would have a back-up ( cause im OCD like that ) Im so upset and angry... all i can think of is some weirdo looking at my families pictures....just great!

Happy Easter to me!


The Caffeinated Crafter said...

I LOVE IT. Cute, cute picture.

I'm glad you got and liked the book!

Thanks for being a reader!

jennifer h said...

How frustrating. I don't understand people. Especially if they stole it while their own child was watching. Ugh.

That said, you make an excellent kangaroo mama!

Thanks for stopping by my site, and for leaving a comment!

chanelireli said...

That totally totally bites!